Ends on May 31, 2018

$10.00 USD

The theme for the summer 2018 contest is Clothes.

Why? Most of us spend a lot more time in clothes than out of them. Every morning, we think about what we will wear. Does it fit? Is it comfortable? Is it clean? Is it too formal? Too casual? Is the color becoming? Does this jacket go with this shirt? We shop for clothes.. We make them. We give clothes as gifts. We donate them to charities or tear them to shreds. We can’t let them go. Clothes can make us look classy or trashy. And who decides what’s fashionable or frumpy, anyway?  And oh, the memories.

Write with style. Write with panache.

Three winners will be selected from among all entries. All entries considered for publication.

5,000-word limit for fiction and creative nonfiction. One to three poems in an entry.

Prizes are $500, $200, and $100. Entry fee is $10. 

All contest entries, regardless of genre, should be submitted through the Contest link.

Deadline is
May 31, 2018. 


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